Boost your brand activations and sales promotions

Getting it out there

Activationboxx is a one-stop-shop packed with features and add-ons to help you design, execute and manage your data protection-compliant activation and sales promotion campaigns. 


Activationboxx supports campaigns like:


-Product plus




-Register & win 

One-stop-shop solution

We deliver a one-stop-shop solution. We offer campaign design and all operational services such as call center and robotic warehousing. Activationboxx is designed to handle and service massive quantity response and conversions. Our objective is to boost your sales and to create customer engagement. We can launch your campaign(s) within 2 hours. 

“With the services of Activationboxx we can launch differentiating propositions into your market same day”

Beat them!

In a highly competitive market you only want one thing: Your offering, your compelling proposition, to be out there as quickly as possible. Being “first”means beating the rest. For that, you want to be sure that your promotions are executed to the best standard, resulting in high conversions and customer satisfaction. 

Do you want..

-to get your sales promotion campaign live within 2 hours?

-flawless execution with fraud detection?

-low cost per campaign?

-a one-stop-shop solution including logistics & customer care?

-customer insights?

Get started easy

Our solution works out of the box, can work stand-alone and is easy to use for anyone.

No development needed

But integration with your website(s) or IT 

is possible on demand. We can connect to your website, CRM or any other system.


Full branded website & campaigns. Build your own campaign in a breeze or let us build your campaign. 

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We have executed multiple campaigns for various clients”

Cashback showcase


BASE Cashback



July 2020 – August 2020



€50-€70 cashback on Mobile Phones 

Register & win showcase


Ultimate Ears Cashback 



December 2016 – January 2017



€20 cashback or discount on an additional speaker 

Product plus showcase


OnePlus 8


Period: May 2020



Buy an OnePlus 8 and get the Bullets Wireless Z for free 

Register & win


T-Mobile Netherlands



August/September 2018 



Buy a Huawei mobile phone or T-Mobile Go Unlimited contract and get 2 free tickets

Upsell showcase


Zens extended warranty



Live since April 2018 



Buy a ZENS product and get one year extended warranty

Couponing showcase


Samsung Ready to Race



April 2018 – May 2018 



Buy a Samsung S9 Limited Edition and get 2 tickets for the formula 1 GP race in Austria


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